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A Healthy Person

A person's chances of avoiding disease are greater than many think. A lot of attention is paid nowadays to keeping clean and even aseptic, which is praiseworthy and important.

But an aseptic environment causes our body's defense mechanisms to grow inactive and weak. Children who grow up freely in a natural environment and are allowed to get dirty on occasion are much better equipped for later life than those who have been overprotected and shielded from everything.

We know that children who have gone through their so-called "childhood diseases" never come down with those illness again. Their bodies have formed the antibodies that immunize them for the rest of their lives.

Some people never even catch cold. They're said to be "tough" but are, in fact, among the lucky few whose bodily defenses are string and who never get sick in their lives.

So there really are 'perpetually heathy" people. You can strive to be on of them, too, by mobilizing your body's defense mechanisms. The most important step is to make sure that your organs function well and your muscle and joints are well supplied with blood. Massage focusing primarily on the feet activates all of the organs, leads to better blood circulation, helps balance the distribution of nutrients, promotes the disposal of waste products, and leads to a healthy, ailment free body.

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