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The history of reflex zone foot massage

The history of foot massage

It's sad but true. Our feet, on which our whole body rests, are primarily neglected even though they affect our entire well-being. Just as roots are important to a plant, feet are important to human beings. They're a wonder of nature but receive little attention.

Like so much else, foot massage originated in Asia. More than a thousand years ago, reflex-zone massage was recognized as a natural method of healing. It quickly fell into obscurity, however.

Or was it perhaps deliberately forgotten? Whatever the case, reflex-zone foot massage – via interested naturopaths and therapists using natural remedies – eventually made its way to Europe and America. It has been gratefully adopted in many countries, becoming a blessing for many people.

Unfortunately, a lot of physicians scoff at the practice of foot reflexology, relegate it to the realm of the mystical, and refuse to recognize it. But reflex-zone foot massage is the most powerful anti-disease weapon there is, and it's a natural weapon besides. I'd like to emphasize that it not meant to replace doctors but to spare them from having to deal with ailments not requiring their specialized knowledge.

I hope this website will become a faithful companion, helping you to live a healthy, pain-free life.

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